Creating Value through 

Written Content

My Content Development specialities

Long-Form Content

This means 2000+ words of high-quality blog posts or articles. It’s not about stuffing words and unnecessary details into the article!

All the content I deliver is:

  • Original.
  • Well researched, relevant and data-packed.
  • Optimized for search engines. 
  • Engaging, insightful, and fun to read.

Why Long-Form Content?

Your audience will appreciate comprehensive posts that delve into intricacies of their pain points. They won’t need to jump on 10 different websites to get the same information. This will build your credibility and authority in your industry. They also attract quality back links(very important Google ranking factor).


In this fast paced digital era,people are inundated with information every day and the attention spans are decreasing by the day.

This had made infographics a powerful marketing tool, since they allow people to grasp complex information through the use of visual data, charts and statistics.

An infographic provides a visually compelling journey that escorts the viewer through a series of steps or points, conveying important information in a seamless way that can be easily absorbed.

Web Copy

The core text that guides people through your website and tells them what they need to know. It’s what’s on your home page, your about page, your products and services pages, and all your website’s other main pages.

When someone lands on your site, you need to hook them in quickly to keep them around: you need to sell your brand to them.

Any text used to promote/sell something on your website, I  will write for you.


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Kelvin understands how to break complex information and business jargon into easy to grasp content that delivers business value.

Steve Kaaru, Content Strategist at CoinGeek.

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